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A note from The Chef

Homemade = Twisted Pastry

All of our breads and desserts are “home made.” The phrase homemade has been used for years in relation to food but what does homemade mean or imply? When you think of home one thinks of a place of comfort, security and trust and many people think of moms. As this relates to food, homemade food is food that is prepared by someone you trust and feel comfortable serving you. Food is homemade when you don’t have to worry about contamination you know the person preparing your food isn’t cooking it or baking it solely for the money they are preparing it because they want to and it’s their pleasure. Before they start and while they are cooking, they make sure everything is in order, this includes a clean work environment and quality ingredients. Just like being at home with someone you love they fuse over you seek to make you happy with the food and that which surrounds it so when I say our items are home made don’t be surprise when you taste the love. 

Chef Navarro Andrew Lane